Can Be Better


Since my ego wants creative awareness,
And since the more I reduce my ego the better I create,
(Such as (due to) causing the inner pressure to further dissipate(?)),
The more I GIVE UP my ego,
The more I create,
It fills my insatiable ego with hate,

Although my friends may not have been the worst,
As for a lot of them,
I can do better..,
Yet as always I try to increasingly peacefully accept and therefore feel that “it’s whatever”,

I don’t plan to go on and on..,
I’m just like come on..,


Let’s just inclusively collectively collect and organize ourselves,
Or must I say “sufficiently consistently” or is that excessive fear of misunderstandings and OCD!!?
Oh how my energy intensity..,
And/or just drives me crazy!!?
Let’s just do what we can,
Discover more of what we can..,

Yet still,
I feel most will NOT,
Oh well..,

Just gotta keep trying at,
What just gives me,
Pointless suffering,
And just damages me,
With ZERO resulting rewards,


And if..,
My insecurity..,
Any SLURS to slip out..,
Oh I know I gotta watch out,

And well,
As for me and my disability,
I got a lot of shit thrown at me,
So you know what!?
I say what I want..,

And therefore,
To (try to) use this term broadly,
I’ll add that as safely as I can,
I try to utilize my opportunity of living free,
And accessing,
Using then sustaining that inner freedom in whatever (such as in whatever external legal situation with immense limitation(s))..,
To do my best at being my best,
As for HELPFUL expression,
Well if I can’t share what I feel then peace is what I still wish to increasingly feel,

I still struggle finding enough peace in any inevitable situation,

Did that stanza above the above one make sense?
I just (feel I) need to relax in deeper presence..,

For myself and whoever,
I always try to be,


I try to find freedom within,
To feel the least restricted,
Regardless of however I’m externally authoritarian-ly restricted(?)..,

Just gotta find clearness in the inner foundation..,
It ain’t easy..,
And it may be obvious,
Yet I struggle to sufficiently continue to,


And as I feel I implied (possibly many times) before,
I feel there’s always more stuff to say,
Such as..,
In whatever order,
I feel it can be infinitely creatively spot on,
And I still feel I need to further develop this post..,
Yet why can’t I just chill,

Like.. come on!!

Yes I can get infinitely deeper in analysis,
Yet regardless,
However much I analyze or not..,
I just want to..,
Enjoy this presence..,

And I still don’t feel like I sufficiently,
Expressed this,


Yeah it’s been not as chill as it could be for me,
As I feel,
In this presence..,

Or whatever is a better way to describe this


I just struggle to accept that,
I feel,
It can always,
Be better..,

Do I need to quote that??



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