Something to try to Offer

I (of course) feel that part of socially “staying on the same page”,
Requires me to,
Of course..,
ALSO have something to offer,

So if there’s some WATER I try to become a part of..,
Sometimes I just can’t instantly sufficiently immerse as part of it..,
Huhh.. what’s the better word (or best worded set of words(?)) I need for expressing it..?
Or to say it more literally while STILL trying to type figuratively..,
Sometimes I can’t perform some unheard of stylish stroke,
Down the river,
Sometimes I just gotta swim to the side,
To save myself from the deadly tide,
Ohh I find it hard to find where those compassionate like-minded folks hide,

And regardless of my strokes,
Regardless if my figures of speech are jokes,
Regardless if I get too triggered by another’s joke(s),

Guess if my thoughts and energy is in sync then will my reactions (like comments to add to a conversation) be in sync..(?),
Guess everyone’s got something else to say as for what they think..(?),
As for losing it I (feel I) must remain CLEAR to steer away from whichever brink..,
That’s obvious don’t ya think?

But I’m just,
Trying to express,
How I think yes,
How I..,
Still feel I..,


And even though this post may benefit from a lot of work,
I hope what I additionally had to offer here,
I hope it somewhat worked

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