Does comparing who had it worse,
Increase compassion?
Increase emotional distance?
Or both?
Or one more than the other?
However etc..,

Does comparing who had it worse,
Help us learn how to get better..?

I don’t see how it does..,

Guess “it’s ‘whatever’”..,

And well,
Regardless of risk factors,

If I can’t avoid bullies,

If I get dependent on a job,
With coworkers and supervisors who are bullies,
If my peers are bullies,
If I just can’t avoid being surrounded by bullies,

All I have to say,
Is I have,
The right,
To arm myself,
However I see fit,
In any present moment,
With whatever type of present awareness,

Just thought,
I’d express this,

And yes,
By “arming myself”,
I mean that broadly,
So I hope you understand me,



I guess I must state that..(?),
I must,
Leave it open to any possible interpretation,


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