Taking Blows

I try to be so kind and rational,
And others just remain so pointlessly hurtful,

Instead of confronting the powerful,
They’re like..,
Why not throw another punch at the autistic and/or transgender community..?

And when I try to “go with the flow”,
When I suppress and lose it,
So many just blame me for it,
Making it so much harder for me,
To safely remain,

Oh the pain..

Can’t change NOR avoid them,
It’s hard,
Making it work,
With all them,
(Meaning so many others),

They keep treating me like shit,
And if I stand up for myself,
I’ll end up making it harder for myself,

I’m just like..,
Fuck those who bully me..,
Yet I just gotta keep taking the blows,
And if I haven’t recovered..,
It’s not just about me RIIIIGHT!?

Oh what a struggle..,

Riiiiiight !!?

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