Peaceful Discipline

Does discipline always have to be for killing?
Does being “disciplined” have to be traumatizing and/or emotionally damaging?
Or can we cultivate discipline for inner peace development?
That’ll also emanate externally?

I would guess most will ignore this(?),
And if they understand it..,
It still may NOT change NOR have any NEEDED effects on them(?),
Yet I just wish being disciplined,
And however “getting our shit together”,
And/or “taking responsibility”,
Had a deeper emphasis on peace,

I guess(?) I can always go on and on,
I’ll just add that:

I feel the MORE inner peaceful we are,
The LESS weighed down we’ll be inwardly,
Since (for example) we’ll be carrying less inner toxic tension,
So therefore,
The more inwardly peaceful we are,
The more strength we’ll have to keep going,
And the more LIKELY we’ll NOT lose ourselves emotionally,
We’re more likely to (additionally) have peace externally,

In my opinion,
Takes discipline,

And since the MORE inner peace we have,
Since we’re LESS weighed down internally from damaging inner tension such as inner toxic violent energy(?),
The MORE ability we can THEREFORE attain,
To do and/or experience whatever we experience (for example),

So yeah,
To be real,
I feel,
The more peaceful we are,
The more disciplined we are,

I guess I can always somehow reward that(?),
(Or a lot of new stuff that infinitely comes to mind..(?)),
But I’ll just add that..,
Or I’ll repeat to I guess try to CLEARLY emphasize that(?),
I believe,
Peace takes discipline,

Of course,
I believe,
(Since (especially in this context) health implies peace..(?)),
The more healthy our approach is to finding peace,
The more peaceful we’ll be,

In my belief,
The more peaceful we are,
The more meaningfully,
Truly disciplined,
We are

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