Raised me Right

I feel that:
Of course,
The word “right”,
Is quite,
Is quite,

Lots of viewpoints to see it from..,

Yet even though,
I may not be as equipped and aware financially,
May parents did so much for me,

As for raising an autistic kid,
I’d say it especially,
Ain’t easy,

And as for the type of autistic kid I was,
I came a long way,
So I feel,
My parents raised me,
The right way,

So I’d say,
They taught me to question,
And examine,
The life I’m in,

Instead of telling me to always trust authority,
Instead of never questioning the military,
The drug industry,
And/or whatever hierarchy,
They taught me,
The importance,
Of seeing deeply what freedom,
Truly means to me,

I may be FAR from perfect,
I may not have the best career,
I may not be successful financially,
And well,
I feel there’s other ways that they and whoever else,
May be,
Proud of me,

Such as,
How hard I try,
To share what I feel a need to share,
Including this,
Which I intend to be helpful for whoever reads this,
As they also pass through existence,

And well,
Instead of just being another typical careerist,
I try to sufficiently pursue,
To me,
What I presently see as morally truest,

Others may view me as a “loser”,
Even if I am in whatever (if not all) context(s)..(?),
Why should I care what others think..(?),
Instead of being true,
To what I clearly,

So always questioning,
And taking a look,
At whatever I continue experiencing,
Is what I feel I must,
Continue trying,

And well,
Regardless of how much others may disagree,
I feel,
My parents,
Raised me right,

And I will continue to do,
Whatever it is,
I presently view,


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