Another Shit in the Shithole

(Apparently there was a play titled “Shit in the Shit Hole” (?) which I wasn’t aware of prior to thinking of this title.., Anyway, hope there’s no plagiarism issues..(?))

I’m going to try to be reasonably literal,
And well,
I feel it takes more strength,
To be true to ourselves,
To be a kind and compassionate person,
While also,
Pursuing a career,

I feel it takes more strength,
To become successful,
To be kind,
Instead of conforming to the mainstream mentality,
Of being an ass,
A scumbag,
Of being another shit in the shithole,

I feel,
It’s far easier to work on ourselves externally,
And not regard anything inwardly,
Yet (I feel) if we do NOT address our inner energy,
We may just become more and more filled with toxic ego energy,
And we may just become another shit in the shithole,

Even though doing what’s true to us,
May be better for us..(?),
(I feel),
It ain’t easy,
It’s easier to conveniently conform to the mainstream shithole mentality..,
And well..,

It just may all fall apart eventually,


Enough of us,

Find the strength to not perpetuate,
This destructive mentality,

I guess(?) since I can NOT control my surroundings..,
Including those I can NOT avoid being surrounded by..,
The best I can do,
Is stay true,
To what I view as most practical and self-beneficial..,
Instead of being another shit in the shithole,

Because in my heart,
That would create,
Just another,

(Source: Inspired by: The Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall”

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