Happens to be like That

Aside from the fact that I do NOT believe in stereotypes,
I feel that:

I guess it just happens(?),
That in many essential work environments,
Such as construction(?),

I may find many who are..,
Not obsessively PC,
Yet the complete opposite of PC (including the opposite of anxious OCD like how I’m over-explaining here..),
(For example),
May just joke in ways,
That especially on bad days,
Hurt me?

And well,
As for any job,
I feel the better the energy,
The better the efficiency,
And essentially..,
The better the overall work gets done,

Even though it just happens to be certain ways,
Can we work,
Better ways?


Just thought I’d ask,
Since I’d guess(?),
We’d all prefer,
To feel,
To function,



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