Always Some Degree

I feel:

Although being perfect is infinite,
Therefore it’s “never perfect”,
No matter how “perfect” something is,
Such as a friendship..,
There just may always be,
Some degree,
Of struggle,


Obviously if there’s too much,
Or more bad than good,
Then that’ll therefore (of course) be toxic..,

No matter how good anything may be,
I guess I must accept,
That there always may be some degree,
Of feeling unsatisfied,
Of feeling “unfulfilled”,

And well,
I’ll just try to accept this,
In order to be more at peace with this,
Instead of my mind,
Making it harder and harder,

I just want to be in the moment,
Instead of my mind’s negative analysis of it,

And no matter the degree of negativity,
I don’t need my mind,
To give me additional negativity,

I just try to be with whatever is,
And of course,
If I’m ever reacting in a way that’s making it worse,

Yet too often,
My unawareness,
Makes it worse..,

Of course,
I try to just witness,
And let settle,
And/or dissipate,
Tense resistance,
While therefore remaining on a path of,
Peaceful persistence

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