Another Important Reminder

I feel,
I usually,
Receive what is harmful,

For example,
I may not handle meanness from others in the safest and most practical ways,
Yet I feel,
I emanate kindness,
And so often mind my own damn business,

Yet it’s most of the time (if not always) others who create and first start to spread the meanness..,

I may be criticized for not handling it properly,
I may be criticized by “worsening” the situation,
Such as by unconsciously exacerbating the mean energy chain reaction..,
Since I have a history of people being mean to me,
Even slight meanness,
May cause a troubling emotional reaction in me that may come out externally..,

And well,
I must clear,
The fear,
The anger,
The feelings of inferiority that limit me..,

And well,
I painfully struggle,

I must inwardly clear any feelings that are damaging for me,
So I can have inner clearness to open to feelings,
That are instead beneficial for me..,

And yes..,
I may deeply understand what it means to have inner peaceful clearness,
Including remaining peaceful and not reacting to others who act mean and hurtful..,
When I fail to respond and remain as peaceful as I believe I must be,
I may feel additionally LESS peaceful by additional bad energy,
Such as (therefore) self-critical energy,

And essentially,
Negativity in response to negativity,
Just seems to create more negativity,
Whatever the reality,
No matter how mean others are to me,
Even if there’s a part of myself that’s additionally hard on me,
I’d say the more I detach from any of those and/or any types of destructive energy currents,
The more inner clear peace I’ll more likely develop and sustain within,
The more clear I’ll be,
To be less weighed down and have more inner strength,
For whatever it may be,


And I guess this comes back,
To my belief,
In not drowning,
In not getting lost in toxic energy,

I guess this is therefore,
(For me especially),
Another important reminder,
To develop myself,
An inner,

I gotta re-access my VIKING SPIRIT!!!!


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