Never Going to Win

I feel:

It’s easier to join in with an existing power structure,
It’s easier to join in,
With the team of bullies,

It’s harder to be true to yourself,
With the risk of others torturing you,
Or leaving you by yourself,

I keep my mouth shut,
Because if I try to open it,
I’ll become a punching bag,

It just won’t work,
And well,
To stay safe,
I need to do what works,

And of course,
If I’m quiet,
Others will publicly acknowledge it..,

It’s hard,
Not destructively reacting to it,

Others will find a way to try to satisfy their insecurity,
By bullying me,
And well,
I just need to keep looking for that inner peace in me,
Since I will NEVER win,

Against any level,
Of any,
Dominant authority

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