Nothing to do with Me

I feel,
I must tell this to myself and others,
That due to that we may not express ourselves,
Nor word stuff just “perfectly”,
Nor sufficiently clearly,
I feel many of us seriously NEED to take stuff less personally,
So we do NOT create more toxic energy,

Even if ever (for example) someone does say something that’s clearly NASTY,
Instead of getting dangerously lost in and dangerously reacting to their energy,
I can remind myself to detach from the energy (by practicing peacefully non-reacting),
And therefore,
Remain in alignment with a deeper truth in my belief,
Acknowledging (for example) that they just happened to develop like that for whatever reason (such as their environment affecting their consciousness or unconsciousness for making ongoing developmental decisions..),
Or of course more simply,
I can remind myself of the type of energy,
That I want to do my best NOT feeding,
While therefore remaining,

And that most of the time,
The energy they emanate is what they’re feeling inside,
And has nothing to do with me,
Even if their unconsciousness wants to blame me,

I’ll just try not to get lost,
In the energy,
That I can NOT avoid,
That I can NOT change,
That I can NOT stop in them,

I’ll try to NOT add inner tension by desperately trying to change the toxic energy they just happen to,
At me,

I’ll remind myself,
To remain true to myself,
As an inner peaceful warrior,
To the best,
Of my present,

I’ll keep doing my best,
At taking stuff,
LESS personally

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