More worth Trying

I try to respect and NOT hurtfully judge the decisions of others,
Yet as for me,
And what I view will make my life experience(s) most worthwhile,
And even if I fail at it completely(?),
I feel I must at least try to write,
To try to create something more truthful,
More meaningful,
Even if my ego prefers I stick to something more crowd pleasing like juggling,

And well,
Even if what I write is all “wrong”,
Even if what I write is just a pointless waste,
At least I tried to do,
What I truly viewed,
As more meaningful,
More gratifying,
More worthwhile,

At least I tried to do,
What makes my present life,
More deeply,
More meaningfully,
Worth experiencing,

So for me,
And regardless of what the decisions of others just might be(?),
As for a lot,
I just feel,
For me,
Is just,
Worth trying

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