Faking Positivity

If someone disrespects me,
I’m NOT going to keep faking the positivity,

If someone acts mean to me,
I’m NOT going to act like nothing happened in order to not “kill the vibe”,

All I ask,
Is to be treated kindly,
Yet sadly,
That seems like too much of a challenge for too many,

And well,
I hope for it to be positive,
Yet ethical and of course real,

And well,
I’ll try to be as chill as I can,
In whatever I can NOT avoid NOR control,

I feel,
The only one I have control over is me,
So yes,
I’ll work on peacefulness and NOT adding inner painful stress due to what I can NOT avoid,
What I can NOT change NOR control such as others being mean to me,

Although it may seem impossible quite frequently(?),
I’ll just keep trying,
To increase,
And sustain peace,
Within me

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