Forms of Unconscious Energy

And here’s another one about taking stuff less personally,
And yeah,
It’s not just me,
Just about (if not everyone(?)),
Can benefit from taking stuff less personally..?

Okay so essentially,
If I share examples of someone who did stuff I was hurt by,
I’m attacking what they did,
Not their deeper essence,
And I’m NOT attack them “as a person” even,

(At least I try attacking their actions and NOT their humanity..),

It’s the unconscious meanness that may have inwardly inhabited who they are,
Yet is just,
Not who they or any of us..,
(In my belief..),

As I talked about in my post titled “As well”,
So yes,
If I’m critical of a set of actions of any others,
Such as whatever they may have said or done to me,
It’s not them as a person,
It’s merely,
Where it came from and what they did to me,
Such as referring to unconscious energy,

And yeah,
In my belief,
It did not come from,
The “deepest parts” of them,
It was just a form,
Or forms,
Unconscious energy..,

And to throw it out there,
I (of course) feel I must remind myself,
To NOT add negativity,
As a result of any level of negative reality,
Such as complaining about even a dominant excessive “negative mentality” as a common response to any negative reality,
Since that will just,
Add more,

And even when not meditating,
I feel I must,
Just keep,
Consciously detaching,
From any inner currents of toxic energy,
So they do NOT grown in strength,
And (instead) therefore take over LESS and LESS of my inner attention,

I’d say I believe that..,
The more I spot excessive negativity,
(That of course does nothing but makes me feel worse..),
The more I have the opportunity,
To remove my attention from its current of depleting my awareness,

The more I spot excessive negative energy,
The more I can pull myself out of dangerously sinking deeper and deeper into it,
Of course..,
If I consciously stick with it..,

The more I spot inner negativity,
The more of an opportunity I have to remove my awareness from it’s forces,
Try to,
Take the most needed steps I see,
To develop the kind of peaceful awareness,
That’ll instead,
Most likely help me access more of my deeper ability,
That’ll MORE likely HELP me,
(The best it can),
In any reality

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