As for that


Even if I can NOT remember exact specific examples,
Even though a lot of it is faded away,
I still remember,
That well,
This guy ALSO caused pointless suffering to me,

And oh I do NOT like how he’s ALSO out making money..,

Even though I may have forget examples,
I remember the spirit,
Of their bullshit..,
Like in little league when he was like,
“Why play for shit if you can’t pay attention!!?”..,
In little league when graciously going through a practice double play..,

And when he participated with my friends by passing by our table and pointing to me to throw the shit out after throwing everyone else’s shit I threw out..,
(Or at least normally would be chosen to throw out..),

And there was when he..,
Told me (to make me feel bad) that I had the “biggest head in the whole school”,
There was that time..,
When he was like “what the fuck are you doing”,
When I was wondering to center field to be in position where the other outfielders were during a tryout for a team which I got cut from..,

Oh forget it..,
He treated me like shit,
Now he’s out making money,
And I’m supposed to be,
“Mr. Pacifist”..,


Fuck him among all the others..,
Compassion (I believe) is just a step by step process that I have NOT sufficiently arrived at..,



As for that,

Compassion for me,
Just doesn’t come easy

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