Another body in the Morgue

So what if what I manifest as now becomes just another “typical” body in the morgue,
Or wherever..,

Why does my ego always “have to” be “special” and “extraordinary” or “exceptional”?
Yeah I know it’s insecure,
fragile and insatiable,

Yet as for this context,
Even if I’m just,
“No different”,
Then why get so sad about it?

Why not just try to find more peace in the moment..?
Wherever the consciousness I believe to manifest as a part of is at?

I guess I may manifest as one form then at random join as part of another form,
That forms out of the same infinitely deeper energy,
Regardless of other forms it creates,
Regardless of however it manifests..,
(So to speak),
As a wave of consciousness,

I guess ?

(Source: the title idea was inspired by Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” (1979))

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