Random Equations


I intend for these to be hypotheticals,
NOT political,
And I wish for NO one to take this painfully personally,
Which has happened before,
Yet I’ll keep that confidential,

And I had to spell out the word “Equals” because for some reason the math symbol did not appear when I posted it..,

I guess here’s some basic (or however advanced..(?)) equations?
And regardless of however I did the math wrong or right..,
I feel:

Negativity ➕ Negativity Equals MORE Negativity(?),

Feeling stupid ➕ Being shown elaborate “research” you do NOT understand Equals A greater likelihood to trust WRONG information even if you do NOT understand it(?),

Being diagnosed with ADD ➕ Amphetamines ➕ Mania ➕ Sleep deprivation Equals A greater chance of spiraling into delusion(?),

Genetics ➕ cheaply prescribed medication during pregnancy ➕ the offspring getting repeatedly emotionally traumatized ➕ emotional development needs NOT being met ➕ the offspring getting prescriptions Equals An increased likelihood of lived experience(s) exacerbating genetic predispositions(?),

Egoic insecurity ➕ Trying to compensate for the insecurity by feeling “right” Equals Looking for something “wrong” to prove “wrong”? (Source, Eckhart Tolle, page 67, (2005), Penguin Books, New York, New York),

Wanting to prove “right” in order to feel “secure” ➕ Talking with people in online threads who will NOT listen to a word you say because they want to ALSO prove you “wrong” to feel “secure” Equals Wasting time and an increase in painful divisive energy(?),

Traumatic experiences that shaped a species’ evolution that has therefore evolved into an unconscious culture of bullying ➕ Pressure to conform ➕ Excessive fear of Isolation Equals An increased likelihood of MORE bullying(?),

“Friends” busting another friend’s balls ➕ an INability to make a come back to the “playful” insults Equals Emotional bullying, and an increased likelihood of future mental health problems for the victim..(?),

Thinking something ➕ Something else Equals Always equals the same outcome Equals Closed minded thinking(?),

For-profit/For-power funded research ➕ Omitting negative research conclusions of medication(s) Equals Greater drug sales(?),

Trauma ➕ Depressing materialistic culture ➕ Greater mental health problems ➕ Dismissal of inner healthing practices Equals A greater demand for psychiatric prescriptions, even among those who prescribe them(?),

Over-thinking ➕ Thinking of a Solution Equals More over-thinking(?),

Problems ➕ Complaining Equals No action(?),

Anger ➕ Anger ➖ Self-Control Equals A greater chance of Violence(?),

Being labeled as “disabled” ➕ Bullying Equals Damaged self-confidence and high anxiety(?),

Meditation ➕ Trustworthy Like-minded community Equals A greater chance of inner peaceful development(?),

Insecurity ➕ Simple ideas ➕ Fancy words and phrases ➕ Elaborate diagrams/schematic representations Equals Disguised Unconscious Stupidity(?),

Being told to have Freedom of Speech ➕ Being canceled (if not killed) for saying certain stuff Equals A “double-bind”(?),
(Source: Alan Watts (1966), page 73, Vintage Books, New York),

If an UNhealed abusive past ➕ being a loner ➕ x Equals more mass shootings,
Solve for x..,
a.) recreational weed
b.) rapid fire assault rifles
c.) prescription side-effects
d.) choice “b”, choice “c” and “e”
e.) inadequate background checks
f.) all the above
g.) none of the above

I will NOT answer..,
And I guess(?) this may be another:

Standardized testing ➕ Pressure to succeed Equals:

a.) Greater thirst for knowledge
b.) More hating of learning
c.) both choice “b” and “d”
d.) Lower standards

I would guess choice “c” as in choice “b and d”..?
Since it was NOT standardized tests that inspired my blog posts..,
Since standardized tests did NOT teach me my most important life lessons, etc, etc..,
And certain teachers I’ve had I’d say would strongly agree(?),
(among however many others who also agree(?)),
Yet well,
Apparently (as I remember hearing from certain teachers) many teachers were still forced to teach “to the test” and forced to be evaluated JUST based on test scores.. and of course I believe in maybe at least some testing..
YET as for a good learning spirit..
I’d say TOO MUCH pressure to get a “high enough” test score did NOT provide me with the good energy I needed to succeed..?
NOR to of course,
Positively “thirst for knowledge”,

Yet if you feel the answer is “a” then okay,
As I said in the beginning..,
Of course these are hypotheticals so I do NOT intend to get political and I apologize if I stirred up some bad feelings especially since I feel inner peace is the answer..,

And well,
I apologize if I over explained however much of that,
And I just may be wrong,
Yet I just hope that my feelings I felt a need for others to hear,
Were sufficiently clear,

Yet as for one other equation,

Different experiences ➕ Different development support levels Equals Different points of View(?),

I’d say,
That since I can NOT control what others view,
As true,
Then maybe it’s best to NOT obsessively prove myself right?
Since I just can NOT control,
Of what others deeply view as “wrong” or “right”..,

Even if the ways others disagree,
Causes harmful pain within me,
Instead of losing myself in painful overthinking,
I’ll just,
Try my best,
To once again,
Remember to witness,
My naturally occurring breathing,
In addition,
To whatever else I must be practicing..


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