Always Something Wrong

I feel:

My fragile insecure ego tries so hard,
To prove itself right,
That it causes me to lose sleep at night,
It causes me to lose focus at work,
It causes me to quit,
It makes me feel that nothing will ever work..,

The negativity that it always must prove “wrong”,
Always continues on,

There’s always something new,
To spend hours and hours,
Days and days,
Or however long,
It takes for my ego to prove “wrong”,

The negativity my ego “must” prove “wrong” fills me with misery,
It feels that most others who disagree,
Will never understand me the way I feel I need them to,

All the negativity that my ego wishes to tie together,
To just prove wrong all together,
Is just too much to keep up with,
And since problems and negativity can be infinite(?),
And since,
What is “wrong” seems to occur in infinite new forms and depths,
My ego still can NOT admit,
That it can NOT prove “wrong” all that’s wrong,

There’s just always something else for my insecure ego to go on and on about,
That’s just wrong,

So I feel I must stay strong,
And continue to try being at peace with,
Whatever I can NOT change,
That is,

And it’s just so hard,
With all the sadness and negativity,
Whether it pertains to the drug industry,
Foreign Policy,
My painful history that I fail to let go of repeatedly,
Or whatever..,
That’s just,
Out of my control….,

And regardless of the extent I’m “right” or “wrong”,
There’s just always something else,
That just happens to be “wrong”,

And well,
I feel I just need more inner peace,

To keep moving along

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