Time and Place

I feel that may we remember to be AWARE that there is a time and place for everything,

As for me,
If I’m going to a social function,
I’m NOT going to want to receive advice on how to live my life,

If I’m at the gym,
I’m NOT going to want to listen to someone’s life story,
Same goes for when in the library (unless reading an autobiography (for example)),

If I’m trying to stay focused at work,
I’m not going to want to talk philosophy,

If I say I wish people could be more positive,
It does NOT mean I want to keep hearing pointless complaining,

If I’m among people who are supposed to remain quiet,
I’m not going to want someone whispering me their business,

If I say I have a BAD headache,
It does NOT mean that I want to hear someone keep cracking jokes,

I feel that many people,
Forget and/or are completely UNaware that there is a TIME and a PLACE for everything,

Yet the MORE we’re lost in our minds,
The LESS aware we’ll be of our surroundings,
And I feel I’m just often surrounded by many people who are out of touch with their surroundings,
And sometimes (if not often) their unawareness gets passed on to me,


If I’m sitting by myself while heavily focused writing something on my IPhone,
It does NOT mean I want someone coming up to me,
In order to give me all this advice that I NEVER asked for,
NOR is the time and place for,

And yes,
I do NOT intend to be mean,
Yet what I’m trying to say,
Is that there’s a TIME and PLACE for everything,
And since many are NOT seemingly aware of that,
Since I can NOT “pave the world leather”,

I’ll once again,
Try finding peace with that

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