NOT getting the Message

I feel this also applies to myself,
And yes,
I additionally feel that:

Similar to my surroundings/inner/self-awareness message(s) in my last post titled “Time and Place”,
I felt I’ll just share some more,
About CLEARLY implied messages that just to me seem often missed,

If I do NOT equally reply to messages someone sends me,
If I do NOT make it sufficiently clear I’m reading their messages,
It does NOT mean for the person to keep sending me messages,

If I say I struggle with words,
It does NOT mean to interpret what I say,
“Word for word”,

If I express a feeling in writing WITHOUT saying names,
It does NOT mean to take it personally then instantly direct anger towards me!

If I say,
“I’ve been struggling emotionally”,
It does NOT mean I feel aggressive criticism will “help” me,

If I say,
“I wish people would empathetically acknowledge what I have to say instead of just giving advice”,
It does NOT mean I’m “asking for advice”,

If I want someone to be a true friend and hear what I feel a need to be heard,
It does NOT mean to impatiently say,
“I’m not your therapist!”,

I do NOT intend to be mean,
Yet these kinds of unawareness I feel to keep encountering..,

If I say to someone,
“I’ve been struggling to help myself”,
It does NOT mean I presently want to do that person a favor,

If someone offers me something and I do NOT appear comfortable with it,
Just maybe(?),
The person should kindly STOP offering it to me,
Yet maybe their egos will one day make me “repay” them for the “favors” they pressured me to take?


I sometimes do NOT know who to trust NOR what to think..?


Finding peace among all this oblivious energy,
Remains a struggle for me,

And if some type of “self-improvement” teaching has NOT been working,
It does NOT always mean that I “need more of it”,

If I do NOT like how something is making me feel,
It does NOT always mean I must “always keep taking it”..,

I can just keep going on and on with this,
And yes,
I’d guess..,
This infinite obliviousness may infinitely come in the same and new forms,


Yet of course,
Some people just never seem to understand it,
And I can NOT force an awareness practice,
And there’s NO guarantee what works for me will work for them,
And instead of getting immensely frustrated,
Why NOT just relax and go with what I can NOT avoid NOR change ?

And of course like I first said,
This applies to me,
And I just feel to be an inseparable part of the same spontaneous life energy,
However oblivious and/or deeply aware I might be..?
However organized and/or disorganized stuff might be,

I guess it’s just manifesting energy ?

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