Through the Day

I’m just trying my best to survive through the day,
Until whenever it is I pass away,

I’m just trying to ride the wave of my present life,
While remaining balanced,
While remaining peaceful,
Safely emotionally regulated and/or equanimous,

While peacefully expanding gratifying longer lasting awareness,

I’m just trying to NOT force what I can NOT force,
Including NOT forcing what it means to “not force”,
I’m just trying to increasingly peacefully accept what I can not presently change among any type of force,

I’m trying to think LESS excessively and MORE clearly and peacefully coherently,
Safely and gradually,

When the pain builds within I try to spot it,
I try to access the roots to clear it,
So it does NOT make me “lose my shit”,

And when writing,
I try to be clearer and clearer,
I try to over explain less and less,

I try to remember,
To develop,
Needed inner peaceful,
Foundational awareness

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