Narrowing and Broadening

As for whatever degree of pain or pleasure,
For worse or better,
Sometimes I’m more aware and other times less aware,

My awareness,
Broadens and narrows,
And hopefully it overall develops peacefully,

Ideally I’d prefer to ride my life manifesting energy current peacefully from start to finish,
With no damaging painful abrupt changes of frequency,

Yet from here forward,
May I prevent growing unconscious selfishness from narrowing my awareness,
And may I increasingly reconnect with the beingness I’m a part of,

May reconnecting give me peacefulness,
May it help me feel LESS painfully alone in my head whether with any number of others or completely isolated,
May my awareness perpetually expand beyond the walls of my present awareness,
Whenever I think I “have the answer”, may I peacefully expand my awareness further and further,
Deeper and deeper,
Clearer and clearer,

May my awareness bubble (or oval?) keep enlarging,

May I peacefully keep developing

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