Not Reacting

I feel:

Pain and insecurity seems to ebb and flow,
come and go,

It inhabits one person (without them realizing),
Then gets passed on to another and another,

I’ll feel upset about one thing,
Then it’ll be a different thing,

I’ll have one feeling I’ll feel a need to post about,
Then that’ll pass,
Then there will be another,
And another,

And since the pain may also feed off of my painful negative thoughts pertaining to it,
(Source: Eckhart Tolle, “A New Earth”, page 146, (2005), Penguin Books, New York, New York),
The pain (to stay alive and grow) would want me to (painfully) negatively think and respond to it,

So it’s in my best interest(s),
To continually peacefully witness and NOT react to it,

Yet I must first inwardly (continually) spot it,
So it does not grow within me unconsciously,
Because it may take over me uncontrollably,
It may cause me to get triggered by something external in a way that (for me) is especially life threatening,

So as for that inner pain,
I must stay aware of it,
And peacefully,
Not react to it

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