Like.. Really

In order for this NOT feel too painfully emotional I LIKE made this a play on words LIKE how some people LIKE use the word LIKE when they mean LITERALLY..,

So LIKE for some reason I LIKE can’t stop thinking about witnessing and hearing (at the summit of a ski resort yesterday) a dad say to his young daughter “stop being a goof”,

What was the lesson in that?
When we’re feeling bad or irritated to LIKE name-call someone much smaller, younger and/or however more powerless and LIKE vulnerable than ourselves?

Not that I can LIKE judge the guy but LIKE I also LIKE feel he’s a LITERAL piece of shit,

When a kid (and/or LIKE any sentient being at an earlier or LIKE seemingly less sophisticated stage of development) is LIKE being non-compliant or irritating,
Can we LIKE sustain enough needed inner peacefulness to be a LIKE better influence,
Or must we LIKE shut them down and intimidate them with meanness?
For a long time..,
A lot of ways it seems parents LIKE treat their kids..,
I LIKE find hard to witness,

Even though I LITERALLY don’t have kids,
And since I LIKE haven’t posted here in a while,
I just thought I’d write this,

And I hope,
That causes and effects at various stages of emotional development,
And individual and collective immediate and however broad interdependent forces of influence,
Does NOT continue to excessively hurt us,

I wish I felt there was deeper,
More conscious and/or critical consideration regarding this,
And given the state of the world and history as I understand it..,
Just maybe if you’re going to be an asshole to kids you LIKE should NOT LIKE be a f*cking parent..,
Just like DON’T..,

And once again I feel LIKE people LIKE the dad calling his (seemingly 5 or 6 year old) daughter a “goof” will LIKE probably call me a “soy boy”,
Because as I LITERALLY tried to make clear,
Based on my understanding,
This kind of parenting has always seemed so prevalent,
And he’s another of the many who remain NOT nice the way that they were most likely treated in response to ways various living conditions may have emotionally damaged individuals (I’d guess..(?)),

What if more would consider the effects parents being mean to their kids is having and has ALWAYS had on the world ?

Like f*cking REALLY

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