Back to Life

Presently I feel:

I need to get my shit together again,
By regaining focus on a job I hate,
(Which is all of them),
Among those who can’t relate,
(Which is most of them),

I’d rather fight for what is wrong,
Than to not fight at all,

I’d rather aspire in a wrong direction,
Than sink into crushing depression,

I need to try something meaningful,
Which might not be as crowd pleasing,
Even if I get sucked into some conspiracy theory social meetup group..,
At least I’m not hopelessly spirling deeper in a never-ending depressive obsessive compulsive loop,

I feel I must remember,
I can once again choose how to live my life,
Among any inevitable location,
And situation,
I’m presently experiencing,
As different waves of different emotions,
Waves of different forms and levels of awareness and unawareness..,
Keep forming and crashing,

Even if I fail on a grand scale,
At least trying,
To align with and find truth,
To me feels..,

More liberating

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