Wow I guess I feel “butthurt”,
Over the term “butthurt”,
Because if I get “offended about what I should not be offended about”,
Then therefore something is “wrong with me”,
So that term may just sound like a criticism to me..?

And well,
Not that it’s a “bad term”,
Sure it may be needed occasionally (if not frequently(?))..,

Like I’m NOT a fan of cancel culture on all sides..,

Instead of criticizing others for getting offended,
Why don’t others offer techniques to others in order to get LESS offended..?
Okay well..,
Why don’t people at least empathize instead of being dickheads and criticize others for feeling “over-sensitive” therefore (possibly) sometimes implying having a warlike (or I guess aggressive) mentality is just the way to be..,
Or are those who are ready to fight perpetually the ones being “butthurt” so easily..?
I don’t think criticism will reduce the amount the “snowflakes” of the world get “butt hurt”,

Sometimes what is MINOR,
May just be a TRIGGER,
For a bunch of past memories,
Where being offended was totally valid..,

Sometimes if someone was unjustifiably disrespected too often throughout their whole life,
Even the slightest form of disrespect may easily make them more “unjustifiably offended”..,
So being frustrated with them is understandable,
Apparently being more chill and less offended does NOT always come naturally,
Such as if you’re someone like me who has emotional “hypersensitivity”,
And who has been mistreated to a greater degree..,
Having autism hasn’t felt easy..,
I’d rather feel more happy and less “butthurt” constantly.,,

Of course I wish I did NOT get offended as easily..,
I wish stuff would not “weigh in me”,
Yet getting mad at me for being “butthurt” just has nothing helpful to offer me,
I’ll just get more “butthurt” honestly..,


I just get offended,
When I don’t receive the same level of kindness,
From the exact others I give it to,

And I get it,
I just have to keep trying to accept that I just can NOT force others to treat me how I want to be treated,
Even if I treat them how I want to be treated..,

Just to throw it out there..,
Maybe focusing on my “inner body sensations”,
And being less caught up in my mind’s negativity,
Will make me feel less “butt hurt”,
So I do NOT get derailed as easily..,
Easier said than properly done obviously..,

When I’m going through a lot,
Then yep,
Sometimes even what I “should not be offended about”,
Throws me off so instantly..,

I wish I never had “hypersensitivity”,
I wish I would never feel “butt hurt” so easily,
Yet criticizing me for feeling “unjustifiably offended” aka “butthurt”..,
Just has nothing to teach me,
Which would otherwise help me feel “butt hurt” less easily..,

I just want to CHILL evidently,
And I can NOT rely on others to help me,
I can NOT control how others treat me…
So I..,
Just once again,
Have to find more and longer lasting peace within

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