Through those Days

In addition to certain other great people I’ve had the privilege of meeting,
Who in certain instances may be as hard to find as a few needles in a bunch of haystacks..(?),
Or a small number of pebbles scattered in a beach full of sand..(?),
I also wanted to deeply thank you,
Or at least show my deep appreciation,
For lending me a hand,

Thank you,
For helping me make it in this world,
While I have been carrying a bunch of atypical conditions,
While getting myself (and/or almost getting into) certain deepening situations,
For having patience and compassion for me during my episodes of (what I guess could at least somewhat be considered(?)) “manic delusions”,
And being another one who I’d say empathetically helped me through (back in July 2014),
What I guess I can call(?),
My “existential crisis”,
It’s been deeply helpful to have also had your support and patience,

Maybe compatible therapists can be hard to find..?
Yet knowing you,
And/or having you get to know me,
I never did foresee,
Was an experience that I’d feel would help me significantly,

Back around January 2012,
I thought,
“I don’t need therapy”,
And although there may have been awkward moments occasionally,
(Aside from times I went (what I guess understandably could be considered) “crazy”)..,
I feel that UNLIKE so many,
You were able to more clearly see and relate to me,
Of course,
Especially in times when I may have needed it desperately,
Thank you,
For helping me keep my head up,
And helping me up,
INSTEAD of pushing me down more deeply,
Which many OTHERS may have done unfortunately even while trying to “help” me,
INSTEAD of adding immense criticism,
INSTEAD of throwing insults,
You were there for me in ways I needed it deeply,

I guess..(?),
It’s quite possible that other therapists would’ve just tried to dismissively evaluate and conveniently diagnose me(?),
Maybe many other therapists may have felt a need to be hard on me(?),
Which may very likely just would have exacerbated my obsessive compulsive insecurity..(?),
Having you compassionately listen to me,
Even in moments when I may have wanted to talk about some macro world issue that just did NOT at all directly relate to me,
Being able to chat with you,
About whatever it was,
I feel,
Most certainly,
Therapeutic for me,

Although maybe I would get grandiose (or a bit too carried away) about philosophy..(?),
As I guess you may remember..(?),
I often liked to try to look deeply at I guess even the small motions I’d pass through daily..,
And maybe I’d obsessively share those Alan Watts excerpt videos with his AWESOME voice and that emotional music that just may have (sometimes if not often) overly sensationalized the messages he was trying to convey..(?),

I just want to say,
Thank you,
For deeply,
Sincerely being there for me,
For helping me,
In so many ways,
Through those days,
Back in the day,

And I’m still glad,
That from time to time,
I still get to hear from you to this day,

Although in here there may possibly be typos,
And although I feel I can always add,
Change and/or rearrange what I have to say,
Thanks again and as always,
For all you had and may ever have to offer me,
Including in moments when I may have needed it or may ever become in need of it mostly,

Thank you,
For being among the few,
Who truly knew how to help me,
Stay strong,
And continue,
Moving along

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