Along the Path

Although there may have been times when I get deeply discouraged,
Although there may be times when I totally don’t align myself with what I see as my true self,
Although I may NOT always meditate NOR check in with my inner body in ways that I feel can deeply benefit me,
Although sometimes my mind may spiral me into obsessive compulsive solidifying negativity,
Although I may NOT always NOR sufficiently remain on paths that I’ve decided to venture down,
Paths that you’ve guided me on along the way,

As for having you as another therapist (and being my present therapist),
Having you as a spiritual mentor (If that’s appropriate of me to say(?)),
Or just,
Having you as a teacher,
I also wanted to deeply sincerely say,
Thank you,
For deeply listening,
For deeply understanding what I need and when,
For properly,
Consciously seeing how to respond to me,
For keeping it real about those who I thought I could trust were actually treating me,
And even though,
There just may have been certain lessons I could take with me,

Thank you,
For guiding me,
Such as in ways that would teach me WITHOUT me feeling criticized harmfully,

Thank you for continually helping me realign with what I see as my true self,
And helping me acquire a deeper understanding of ways I’ve told you that I felt to have been struggling,

Even though I may stumble and fall far off track,
Even though I may have an occasional giant step back,
Thank you for your guidance,
And I feel so lucky I’ve been able to encounter you,
Along the path,
I have chosen to take,

And thank you for reminding me,
Such as,
(As I’ll say in my own words),
That there is more to me,
Than my mind’s negativity,

I can always spot and take my awareness out of the growing “pain-body”,
(Source: Tolle, Eckhart. A New Earth. 10 Anniversary th ed., New York, New York, Penguin Books, 2005, 2016, pp. 129-60. (,
I can always remember to listen to those such as Eckhart Tolle,

And if I try,
I can become more and more free from,
Pain from my past,
Free from excessive obsessive compulsive misery,
The immense obsessive compulsive insecure mental noise can remain in the background and does NOT have to brutally control me,

Even though I may often forget,
I can always remember,
To notice my inner sensations,
To remain in my strength,
And feel less controlled by the parts of my mind that hold me back,
Thank you for helping me remain on the path,
That I have chosen to,
At least somewhat..,

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