NOT Anymore

Although this is might be my beer muscles getting cocky,
I still hope that the sliiighhhht truth,
In what I’m trying to say,
Is seen,
More than the hate and anger that this may be drunkenly disguised by..,

So here:

I will still considerately give a sincere answer,
To an unconscious ego,
Who wants to entertain itself (and/or others) with a funny question..,

Aren’t me and my learning and social challenges an EASY target..,

So here:

Aside from all I had thrown at me with my learning disabilities..,
Aside from all that remains within me that still IMPINGES me..,
All those who NEVER felt a need to say “I’m sorry”..,


If I interpret (even if wrong) anyone bullying me on my home turf,
The immense obsessive insecure egotistic energy, May switch from juggling video goals and OCD,
To egotistic “justice”..,

All that energy I waste compulsive pointlessly..,
Everything I been through,
When my ego ASSUMES someone,
Still feels,
They can mistreat me the WAY as I got back in the DAY,
On my home turf,

Maybe I preach about pacifism,
Maybe I’m being far out of alignment with what I try to preach to myself among whoever else,

Speaking for that egoic damaged dark side..,
Let it be known,
That I,


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