When Over

In the moment I may have been so caught up in it that I just did NOT have time to realize it,
And when it’s no longer occurring,
I guess..(?),
Is more likely when I have more room to take a clearer look at it..(?),

When in one state of awareness (or unawareness),
I’ll regret what I did or said in the recent previous state of awareness (or unawareness),
And when I’m in that other state of awareness (or unawareness),
I’ll regret whatever I said, did, wrote, etc.. while in that other state of awareness..,

And when sober,
I can spot drunkenness,
And when I have been “under the influence”,
I can spot what I assume is soberness such as edginess and/or anxiousness..(?),
And of course when it comes down to it..,
I can never totally know why one is coming across the way they are..,


I just do and say certain stuff in one state of consciousness,
And have regret,
When it’s over,
When sober it IS:
It’s “why did I damage my liver!?”
“Why did I kill my brain cells!?”

When drunk it IS:
“Why did I feed all that obsessive compulsive behavior!!?”
“Why didn’t I try to feel more clearly and deeply and take life LESS seriously!!?”

When it’s over,
The regret comes to me

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