Another Step Out

If I am hard on myself for perceiving myself a certain way,
I may feel a need to be hard on others if I also perceive them the same way,
and as for whatever “way” I may choose to follow, well,
if I do NOT develop an ability to respond clearly, peacefully, understanding and lovingly to (any level of imperfections and/or flaws I may see within myself),
well then I will NOT know how to be peaceful, understanding and loving to others with the same “flaws” since I have NOT developed the ability,
NOR carry the clear, peaceful,
understanding and loving spirit within me,
And of course, why feed and get lost in negativity (aside from being unconscious..(?))..,
Why let excessive negative energy weigh within me..(?),
Why allow stressful negativity deplete my strong energy and therefore limit me..(?),
sometimes I just get unconsciously sucked back in and then caught up within that type of current,
I can still remember to see it for what it is,
and that I can always step (or swim to the side in this case(?)),
Out of it

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