To You All

As for my gratitude pieces,
Although I may not have got to all of you (even if able to),
Although I may NOT have made all NOR most of the ones I made public that I’ve wrote so far,
NOR gotten consent from everyone as for those whose I made public..,
Nor wrote all I could have NOR as clearly and deeply as I may otherwise have wrote,
Etc, etc, etc..,
If I have not expressed thanks to you the way I could have,
If at all,

If you are one,
I just hope you know I am grateful for all that you all have done,

And well,
As for whatever I may write about others,
For example,
Some may get a gratitude letter (or whatever the genre),
Others may get a scathing letter (or whatever the genre),
Others may get BOTH,
And others may receive NEITHER..,

Regardless of whatever you may have received or not,
Including any of you I may NOT presently like such as what I tried to convey in my post “To those I Hate”,
I feel,
There is still a part of me,
That tries to deeply compassionately acknowledge your beingness..,
And as for those of you I presently just do NOT like,
I surely can work to inwardly develop this..,

And for those who I feel a need to deeply thank and may have not,
Or who I may feel a need to thank more and/or change, deepen and more clearly rearrange how I expressed what I have learned among various forms of deep appreciation I feel to have received..,

I want to deeply,

Thank you,
To you all

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