Perpetual Small Steps

As for wherever I may venture,
Because of whatever,
I feel that zero single experiences (by themselves) will fully “transform” me.., To the point of “never having to work on myself again”.., Because I feel I always just have to inwardly “check in” with the inner deeper foundation of how I function,

I feel I always have to remind myself gently,
In reasonable particular detail,

I can NOT focus as easily with someone yelling at me in a way that’s scathing, (critically sadistic and therefore dehumanizing..),
I’ll get startled by their dysregulated emotional energy and therefore will not be able to make as clear of cognitive connections NOR see the deeper big picture nearly as clearly..,

I just must sustain what I remember,
Maybe certain experiences could be a great deep reminder,
And provide tools,
Practices and/or whatever techniques that I can take with me,

And ALTHOUGH I presently feel that whatever I say (and/or anyone says),
Can be mocked quite intelligently,
And even though I may need to heavily revise this post(?),

I hope this made at least some needed clear sense


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