Everlasting Truth

Although I believe in letting go,
And that everything may inevitably pass..(?),
stuff in writing (mine and/or whoever else’s) that may attempt to clearly point to important deep spiritual truths,
I feel,
(If deeply considered helpful..),
is worth keeping,
And well,
Before determining what is “worth keeping”..,
I hope for there to be deep conscious consideration before any creative expression work is considered “garbage” and therefore gets obliterated (for example..),
NOT saying mine is “as great” NOR anywhere close,
yet still,
I wish to keep truths I feel I see that I definitely feel I worked hard on to convey,
And well…
Maybe this post can also easily be regarded as “garbage”,
I still,
As of now,
Would like to keep what I worked hard on to express,
And what I worked hard on for others to hopefully clearly hear and understand,

And I also hope the message in here is clear,
Whatever (or most of) what I may post,
Including this,
Does NOT inconsiderately become ruined NOR totally destroyed and just gone..,

I hope for them to remain around for as long as they can,
And I hope for them to have at least some helpful impact..,
And even if that is “egotistic”..,
At least my “ego” is at least trying to be more “egoless” to at least some degree..(?),
And well..,
Speaking in general,
I just wish what I post is treated with respect and NOT EVER just immediately and totally inconsiderately disposed of..,

I hope to keep this,
As well as others,
And of course..,
I hope teachers,
Writers and/or whichever deeply helpful influencers have their messages preserved..,
Although everything may pass eventually..(?),
I hope deep realizations are passed down and remembered,
Maybe even to (for example) facilitate the possible continuing development from generation to generation..(?),
Regardless of what happens,
I do NOT want my work NOR any others’ work to just be wrongly destroyed..,

And well..,
Although I just do not have total control,
And will work to accept whatever is to come,
I want these messages to carry on,
Including what I have ALSO tried to offer to whoever may benefit from them while dealing with whatever(?),

Although I do believe “everything passes”,
I STILL wish for certain deep messages,
To continue on,
And/or become rediscovered,
(With LESS and LESS pain “required”),

And as for whatever the outcome and/or the “truth” may be,
I just hope that any immense struggles rightfully reduce in severity

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