Peace in Overload

I presently feel that:

Sometimes my thoughts and/or feelings and/or inner energy fields,
That I feel a deep need to express,
And what comes out,
Is just a mess..,

I feel I have so much I want to make clear,
I feel I’m never satisfied,
I feel there’s infinitely more that can be conveyed infinitely clearer,

And well,
May I just sufficiently remember to remain calm and let the current pass,
WITHOUT getting too dangerously lost in it,
WITHOUT getting crushed in a fight with it,
WITHOUT getting sucked in and drowning in it..,
May I remember,
To just,
Try (the best I feel I know how) to..,
Make peace with it,

May I take a deep (or whatever type of) breath,
And just notice the sensations,
And find peace with them,
INSTEAD of trying to control them,

May I just,

May I just,
Notice as they pass through me..,
Without reacting nor getting lost in additional negativity..,


May I just,

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