Openly Unapologetically Full Of Shit

Although I also believe in trying the best I can,
To be more compassionate,
Even for any and/or however many of those who may be the “least deserving of it”..,
I additionally feel that:

Some people had so much bad stuff happen to them that caused them to just be openly unapologetically full of shit,
And although certain parts of them may be deeply intelligent and/or wise(?),
they still mostly may act like total scumbags,


And well,
In my belief,
Those who act like the biggest scumbags are ALSO human too,
And NOT to excuse their behavior,
Yet if I at least try to understand deeper,
(Such as that their unique unconscious reaction(s) to their unique environment(s) may have uniquely shaped their choices and/or decisions which shaped and/or damaged them over time (psychologically and/or spiritually in this case)..(?)),
Maybe that’ll ADDITIONALLY help me feel LESS mad and MORE at peace (in addition) to whatever “inner peace” and/or “breathing” and/or “inner body sensation noticing” techniques I may be struggling to properly practice and/or cultivate within myself..(?),

Not to excuse their behavior,
(Nor mine for that matter),
Maybe understanding why they are and/or why they became that way,
Just may,
Additionally help me feel less angry..(?),
And therefore more inwardly clear and at peace..(?),

Some people,
If not many,
Who I may very likely inevitably encounter continually,
May be unconsciously,
And therefore unapologetically and uncontrollably full of shit,
And may have insatiable egos who may be willing to fight me to the death to shut me down completely..,

And well,
Aside from being able to courageously,
Safely and consciously expand my ability to advocate for myself,
Knowing that,
(Although NOT completely),
May STILL additionally help me,
Become more at peace,



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