Kindness Requirement

Hey so,
Even though we (as in our community) may be (personally at times..) deeply under the influence,
Even though any of us may stand against each other in deep inebriated misunderstandings,
Additionally to helping me feel welcome in a community I grew up in that I’d never thought would accept me for me being me (initially)..,

And in addition to all the support at the bar from SO many others that I never initially envisioned,
And even though me and the other person who I reconciled myself with I also became friends with,
I want to try to thank you as well,
For making it clear,
(Although it was a understandable misunderstanding..,),
That she is NEVER to publicly confront me that way again,
That NO ONE is EVER to speak to me that way again!!
That we believe in an etiquette of KINDNESS,

And we STILL abide by that,
Of however much we are,
Under the influence

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