Learning how to Learn

Even though I might have openly displayed the same negativity as Eeyore back when you were my tutor,
As for those who’ve been patient with me,
Which words may never describe even sufficiently as I stumble to piece them together “just properly”,
I want to thank you as well,
For those years putting up with me,
Which I may not have had the patience to nearly the same degree,
Which is why I don’t plan to have kids,
Nor plan to work with them presently,

I want to thank you,
For helping me keep my head up and make it through school,
Which I hated so,
So deeply,

Even though I may have been struggling to “learn how to learn”,
The patience and kindness you displayed among all MY openly miserable,
Blatant lack of thirst for knowledge that I just gave up searching for..,

Having the patience,
Having the kindness that I felt you displayed,
Was a true lesson,
That well,
I feel that so,
So many of us,
Can keep learning,

To this day

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