Reporting Emotional Injury

Aside from all those who have had so much to offer me,
I just want to say,

Is it fair to me,
To open up myself emotionally,
To share how I see some of my deepest vulnerabilities,
To another,
Who just remains closed off and distant,
Maybe says they’ve also “opened up”,
Yet who I feel to see,
Really has NOT,

Who do I really trust..?
While feeling a need to,
Report any emotional injury,
And/or whatever the case may be that I feel as needing to be addressed and/or mediated deeply empathetically,

And well,
I still feel to struggle with emotional dysregulation,
And I have not had good personal experiences with medications,
So I am NOT asking for any suggestions,

Whose really going to be there,
Who’s really going to see that I feel I have had unique responses to unique experiences that have deeply affected choices and decisions I’ve made…

And who must I avoid..?
Who is just going to yell at me,
Who is just going to (for example) essentially say that I have had it “the same as everybody”.. or “no worse”…,
Who is really going to be there,
Who is really going to help me hear?
What I truly?
Truly need to hear,


Although I may still feel uncertain,
I hope I made myself..,

Sufficiently clear

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