Dear Karate Kid


So, I just don’t understand why you don’t feel a need to apologize for putting me in an ice bath, for saying that if I were to tell anyone of the other messed up shit during pledging you were doing, that you’d beat me up to the point of “drinking through a straw for the rest of my life”, when I NEVER cursed at you, always been so damn polite throughout ALL time knowing you in person (regardless of the message I apologized for, because I know how to apologize)..

And, one time I asked you, “how many fights have you been in?” And your response was “I’ve been in more fights than people you talked to”.. Like.. why act so disrespectfully when you also want to be treated with respect..?

And like twice when I tried to chime in on a conversation you told me in front of others to “shut up”. And those times you’d curse at me out of nowhere, like the time I called to ask you something pertaining to setting up an event and you exclaimed “Zach what the fuck do you want!?” And, when none of my “pledge brothers” were really there for me, you’d seriously expect me to NOT at least vent to someone else how I was being treated by you and Dan!!? And after whatever other examples there are, you still feel that you “haven’t done shit to me?” You still can’t apologize, and admit how you treated me was just straight up wrong.. Man, I’m at a loss of words.

And well, since I’m just done taking bullshit, if you make just one more threat, I WILL show the police. I will, I have the right to protect myself. I’m just NOT taking blows anymore. And well, it would at least make me feel better if you would just say, for example, “I’m sorry”.

Because having me do those drinking challenges, the ice bath, getting cursed at, it just did NOT help me develop myself at all, and well, as for determining “brotherhood loyalty”, we really could’ve done other activities that could’ve been more civilized and would’ve helped us out more. But that’s separate.. And man the fact that you were age 19 and I was age 22 and you still did that.., Man, I’ve had social struggles and others have used it against me so much and bro.. I’m just not going “quiet into the night” about it anymore.

Point is, with the above examples (and if you want me to list more (and/or elaborate) I’ll see what I remember), yet, I do NOT understand how you still feel no need to apologize for what you did. And well, even if you just say “I’m sorry”, maybe I’ll be less likely to annoy you with emails.

And well, if you want to have a mutually respectful conversation, to take a deeper look at this, well, that’ll help me out.

I want to be honest, but AVOID violence. And well, I felt a need for you to hear this.



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