As I see


As hard as this is for me to say,
Maybe it’s fair of me to say,
That aside from all the painful history I may spiral about in deep paralyzing negativity,
Maybe you had life throw too much more shit at you,
And even though in many ways I may have been more fortunate,
Maybe you’ve always been more deserving of it,

And well,
I also wanted to thank you,
For sending my writing to two teachers you’ve known,
Who I vaguely remember and who I would guess you’ve known way deeper and longer,
And well..,

Since for me,
And even though popular cultural may perpetually misinterpret me quite brutally,
Thank you for saying that I have a gift in something,
That I often feel so many damn others just do NOT and may never see,

So I wanted to deeply thank you,
For helping me so,
So much,
Remain on a path,
That I see,
As way more fulfilling,
And gratifyingly,
True to me,
Beyond what words may ever describe,
To keep trying to speak honestly,

And regardless of what is to come,
Thank you,
For helping me,
At least remembering to try,
To re-embark on a journey,
That I feel is MORE compatible,
That ZERO school administration,
That ZERO standardized tests.. etc, etc,
Would ever “determine” about me,


Based on what I see,

You have helped me,
Quite deeply

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