I totally feel that:

Our words and actions can easily affect others,
And I struggle to post what I see as true,
Because (FOR EXAMPLE) some may take what I say personally,
Hurtfully disagree and/or misunderstand me politically and spiritually,
Some may worry,
Try to help in ways that just may make stuff worse for me individually,
Like suggesting medication with side-effects that shorten the life I could have experienced more deeply and meaningfully experienced..,
IF I were to properly follow a path as I see fit while walking along that path in a way I see as presently most fit..,
Taking each step at my own pace,
Not being peer pressured to go a different way..,
Etc.., etc..,

And well,
If I keep it real,
I fear,
That some,
Just may want to harm me,

Even if the consequences will be unimaginably more painful than the stomach viruses I struggle to withstand..,

I believe in freedom of speech,
I believe in freedom,

When it,
Most deeply comes down to it,

Yet I feel it takes deep courage,
To follow a path,
To morally,
Utilize it

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