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Even though I can NOT speak for you,
I just been painfully assuming what you just may have been feeling in your final moments,
After being by yourself in the mini-van,
After the car sliding door tragically came open..,
While (as I’ve heard) a restaurant almost saw you hit by two previous cars..,
Who also assisted my family to help find you for hours and hours (if I understand correctly..),


Just thought I’d express that I feel that:

I’m sorry you spent your last moments,
Scared and alone,
In a land far away and deeply unknown,

I’m sorry you heard mom’s voice calling your name while feeling lost,
Frightened and in pain,
My sad ego is just looking for someone to blame..,

I’m sorry you heard her but could not slow down the fear to clearly find her,
I’m sorry you just happened to frantically dash out in front of a car,


I was always used to your loving energy every day,
And it kills me,
That your body has been (I guess) cremated with other roadkill..,
That the form you were once in is now completely nonexistent..,

Ohh how this was so tragically unexpected..,


There’s just no one to blame,
And even if so,
How will that really help me feel more peace and love again!?

And even if the hate that remains on this planet you left will continue forever,
At least you got to go on an adventure,
And see the ocean for the very first time on whichever beach shore North Carolina’s “Outer Banks” had to offer..,
And well,
Speaking for myself as well,
There’s always some risk factor,

And although I believe in doing our very best to stay safe from danger,
I also need adventure,

And tragically that small risky possibility just came to devastate me so deeply,
Ohh how I miss you so painfully,

Yet I believe,
Even though the physical life energy form you once manifested as is now gone,
Even if ever all life on this planet is ever completely gone,
Our inseparable spirit,
Will always,
Always continue on,

Our spirit lives on

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