Even if a deeply painful emotional wave arises within me while I’m in a time and place to write about that pain I feel of missing you,
Even if I get it “all out” to the “best” of my present ability,

The pain of missing you will just continue arising with in me so strongly,
You were more than a “pet dog”,
You were more than a “lower life form”,

Your unconditional loving energy has eagerly been there for me in so many other ways that I felt TOO many others just could not see,
NOR manifest nearly as frequently to any similar degree..,

Maybe certain others have and will keep providing great knowledge and wisdom to share with me,
Among generously doing whatever and/or sincerely looking after me..(?),
But MOST (if not all(?)) of them have NOT as deeply unconditionally cared for me,

And (as for whoever may be “offended”..) please do NOT take this personally,
Yet I could NOT even be as kind to me..,

And I will NEVER “get it out” just “perfectly”,
The pain of never seeing you again,
Will always arise like a tsunami within me..,

And instead of losing myself in it,
Instead of trying to outrun what I just may be unable to escape,
I’ll try to let the strong force pass,
As I refocus on staying focused and prepared in whichever ways I see as most helpful,


Losing you too soon and unexpectedly may just always be painful for me,

Yet I still have hope to continue strongly,
And may the healing energy you unconditionally provided me,
Truly continue strengthening me,


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