Coming Back

Since I react to emotions strongly,
Pretending to “not have emotions”,
May NOT prevent them from building then blasting out of me,

And speaking for myself especially,
For one,
What suits others may not be for “everyone”,
(Including from experience previously..),
I just do NOT trust,
What heavily forced medication may ALSO do to me,

I guess we may all react to the same experiences to at least some unique degree(?),
Which cumulatively shapes our survival awareness uniquely(?),
And may we stay safe from infinite forms of danger perpetually,

So yes,
When people insult me,
I really must know how to NOT let it “stick with me”,
Since I feel that’ll likely brutally limit me,

And the MORE inner emotional pain builds and builds within me,
The LESS likely I’ll have the inner clearness,
To clearly access deeper sentient unforeseen capability(s) that ALSO may become accessed even within someone such as me,


May I remind myself to notice my breath,
And let the sensations pass through me WITHOUT adding inner negative resistance in response towards any unavoidable forms of the toxic energy around me,

May I increasingly remain strong,
Clear and peaceful internally,

I guess,
I can always inwardly come back,
On track


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