Continually Gratifyingly Increasingly Deeply

Although (for me) not any single step nor “training adventure” may be an ultimate “transformation”,
It just may be a step to increase my chances of deepening a connection,
Among a trustworthy group and/or healthy way of connecting and experiencing more fulfillingly deeply,

Although not all groups NOR subgroups may function as “perfectly”,
At least they may be trying to find and experience more meaning,
In a way that’s (for example),
For themselves and/or others,
Profoundly contributing to the continual healing of human suffering and the advancement of human sentient functioning,

Although there may be certain instances where stuff goes horrifically WRONG,
And least the intent may have been and may continue to be profoundly RIGHT,

Sometimes I need to take a risk,
To go off on a journey,
Among others who feel a need to travel along the same path, (Among any path(s)),
To discover,
And feel,

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