In sync Within

Welp since I’m new with learning disabilities..,
Since for some reason the “select multiple” option was not showing..,
Fuck man..,
I hate having autism..,
Fuck anyone with their toxic criticism,

As for the picture I was trying to angle it..,
Doubt I’m clearly explaining it..,
Fucking dammit..,

Balance has always been a challenge for me,
Sometimes stuff is going great,
Other times stuff explodes out of me,
Causing me to fly off track back even deeper than ever into sinking sand,
Oh how I struggle to remain strong and centered as I stand,
And well..,
Keeping my head up does not always prevent toxic emotions from inwardly building up,
And sometimes I involuntarily give up,
Of course I feel I must try and try to AVOID fucking up..,

And well,
Others always find something wrong with me,
They always have something to tell me that just adds to discouraging misery..,
That makes me feel that all I can do is reclusively go back into my shell,
Yet somehow I just always become imbalanced as hell,
And others may think I’m “fine” YET can they truly consciously tell..?
Maybe their world views are comforting them well..?

Yet are we truly experiencing as profoundly deeply as we can..?
Is our present capacity as limiting as what we tell ourselves and what our experiences and/or others have shaped what we believe..?

I’m always struggling to stay balanced,
And AVOID being painfully stigmatized as dangerously “imbalanced”..,
I just want to feel more comfortably in sync within it

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