Hey man so,
Even though I might have acted in ways that could have been concerning,
Such as being triggered by someone from my past,
Such as saying stuff I never meant yet may have came across differently..,
After helping me peacefully resolve that with the other guy who apologized,
And even though I got angry about the karate kid who felt he “didn’t do shit to me”..,
Among whoever else I feel decided to use my autism against me by bullying me..,
I appreciate that you STILL welcome me back,

Even AFTER I may have stumbled off track,
Thank you for sincerely having my back,

And yeah,
Even though I might often be quiet and in my own world,
In a world comprised of many others with different worldviews,
I want to thank those like you,
For including me,
UNLIKE so many that I feel just will never understand me,
Nor will ever consider welcoming me..,

Although at times I may appear as a “liability”,
Thank you for reminding me,
That if I look hard enough,
There are still those,
Who welcome me as being me,
EVEN in my home community,

And regardless of that,
Thanks for always helping me feel welcome

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