As a Person

For certain people’s skill sets,
I may have profound admiration,
Yet as for who they are as a person,
It might just add to depression..(?),
Or whatever is the presently difficult damaging emotion..(?),

I guess it’s like..(?),
Does all that hard work obliterate being a kind person..?
Does focusing on a skill set in one area take away from another..?

Is it possible for more people to in some way develop clearer energy internally..(?),
To add to their present ability for whatever that other elite skill set of theirs might also be..?

Does clearing whatever is the “bad energy” make more room to increase whatever is our present skill set capacity..?

And even if I’m “fishing for likes”,
As my one and only “friend” (back in the day) once told me..,
Once again..,
I’m just trying to better communicate,
To feel more connected,
And less lost in my head..,
And keep sharing..,
As for whoever may also..,


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